Adjust the Size an SD-Card for Raspberry Pi

Since Raspberry Pi only uses 2.8Gb of Space on an SD-Card and does not utilize the rest, i recently ran into trouble compiling some software on the Pi.

The solution was to extend the partition on the unused space of the SD-Card.

The easyest solution i found was this hiere: Link




  • The apt-get list has slashes. these have to be removed!
  • Before qmake, i had to install two packages: sudo apt-get install gstreamer1.0*  libgstreamer1.0*

SD-Card not readable?

Unfortunattely, when changing to her new phone, the SD-Card of my girlfriend`s phone today died.

Android showed an empty File-System. Windows however correctly diagnosed that the File-System was currupted, when i inserted the card into my laptop.

After trying a number of recovery methods, the only one, that worked was the following:

  1. Reformat the card using “Quick Format” on windows, to make it accesable again. It does not destroy any data, the former contents is now just like some data you had deleted.
  2. I used 3 different free recovery tools and none of them showed any content on the card.  The only one that worked was ZAR.

The Media-Recovery of this tool worked fine and brought back most of the files. 95% of the images were recovered. The only thing missing were the filenames which, to me, is a minor problem.

So ZAR will be my way to go for future Problems with data-recovery!

Reely Cessna


Reely Cessna


A Cessna from Reely, originally bought around 2011 by my Dad as a first Trainer-Airplane. At that time, we never got around to flying it, but when i found it in our gerage about a year ago, we decided to do something with it.

Since the 3 landing-gear gave us trouble taking off in the grass, we decided to convert it to a “Bushplane”-look with large front tires. Unfortunately, the Motorshaft was bend on the first landing, so we had to replace it. Since we did not have an Inronner-Motor laying around, i decided to attach an outrunner and ditch the canopy.

Some final words have to be said about the Battery-bay of the original Cessna. It is the worst Battery-Bay i have ever seen on a plane! It gets a 0 out of 10! So i replaced it with a hinged piece of plywood, which worked so much nicer!

attrib – Edit File Attributes

“Attrib” is an onboard Windows.Tool that is used to Edit file-Attributes.

“+” and “-” infront of a parameter set or unset the given parameter.

Is special and indicates, that it shoule be executed recursively.

Sometimes to make a file visible, the attributes “system” and “hidden” have to be removed in the same call! Also, the (reihenfolge) of parameters matters!