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Reely Cessna


Reely Cessna


A Cessna from Reely, originally bought around 2011 by my Dad as a first Trainer-Airplane. At that time, we never got around to flying it, but when i found it in our gerage about a year ago, we decided to do something with it.

Since the 3 landing-gear gave us trouble taking off in the grass, we decided to convert it to a “Bushplane”-look with large front tires. Unfortunately, the Motorshaft was bend on the first landing, so we had to replace it. Since we did not have an Inronner-Motor laying around, i decided to attach an outrunner and ditch the canopy.

Some final words have to be said about the Battery-bay of the original Cessna. It is the worst Battery-Bay i have ever seen on a plane! It gets a 0 out of 10! So i replaced it with a hinged piece of plywood, which worked so much nicer!